How to Make Instagram Hand

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#InstagramInHand Fence suddenly became crowded in the photo-sharing service Instagram. It contained a photograph clasped hands as the social networking user interface.

instagram hand

The photos were made in a variety of positions, but the main feature of the hand as well as a screenshot Instagram page. Generally there is no specific captions embedded in these photos.

When viewed at a glance, the photo looks like a virtual reality technology project the screen of a mobile phone to the hands of users.

Even so, it was not complicated to be able to make photos that #InstagramInHand style. Follow the steps below, as it has been tested by Gramination.

  1. Before you begin making photo #InstagramInHand style, you should first check the photo application on your phone. The reason is to be able to make the necessary modifications to this photo feature that serves to accumulate two different photos. Gramination test using PicsArt app on Android and iOS. However, as we have mentioned above, as long as he has piled features two different photos then the application can be used. After ensuring the ability of photo editing application on the phone, prepare the required photo. One is a photo pose in the form of a hand, as expected. The second is a screenshot of the page Instagram.
  2. When using PicsArt, then open the application and select the Edit option. Then choose the photo which will be used hand poses as a basis. At the bottom of the screen, select the option Add a photo to add a second photo. Then find a screenshot of the page Instagram be "held" in the hands of the first photograph was.
  3. Once the screenshot is selected, you can adjust the opacity or transparency without disturbing picture first. Model laying screenshots that can be selected between normal, multiply, overlay, screen, darken, Lighten and add.

After setting all of it, including the location and size of the screenshot, do not forget to store it into memory. Photos #InstagramInHand style was ready to share all of your social networks.


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