How to Upload Photos to Instagram on your PC

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Now no need to buy expensive mobile phones just to upload a photo to instagram, because the upload via laptop or computer can already you. This method does not use heavy applications, computer or notebook lower specifications can also be why, as I personal computer. Initially I was also confused, hope updates instagram but wrote android phone does not have hehe. I was idly browsing, there are applications but are very heavy when worn, then I continued searching and finally found it. The application is called Gramblr.

uploder photo in PC Instagram

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This certainly helps one create pingin still exist, but do not have the means hehe. This Gramblr application only to upload photos to instagram, can not see the timeline or like. I will describe how to view the timeline instagramnya, now I explain first how to use this Gramblr.

  • Download Gramblr in
  • If so, extract, install. How to install live next, next to the finish.
  • Open gramblr, then will appear like this.
  • Login with instagram account Agan. If you do not have a list of used via mobile phone, mobile borrow existing friends instagramnya make a list hehe.
  • Select photos on your computer or laptop Agan. Click upload.
  • After uploading enter the picture caption.
  • When the display appears share, meaning successful upload photos. Now check on instagram Agan.

Done, now I view the timeline instagram via computer or laptop. If I still use Instagram for chrome, Agan can be downloaded in chrome web store. Google chrome plug in Agan, then instagram icon will appear in the upper right of this kind.

In instagram for chrome Agan can see the timeline instagram, like, comment, follow, etc. Now do not be worried to miss again deh, Gan. Agan can upload and view instagram every day without having to have a android phone.

A few tips and tutorials on how to upload photos to my instagram via PC, may be useful. Do not forget to share let others follow tau. Thank you!


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