Instagram has been able to support ads that can be in a Click

instagram adsInstagram began allowing businesses to insert ads that can be clicked on linimasanya. Previously, the photo-sharing social network that does not allow advertisers to embed any URLs that can be clicked in any advertisement.

"Today we introduce a new format that we named carousel ads, brand owners a new way to participate and share pictures with people," Instagram wrote in its official blog.

Looks like an album containing four photographs. Users who see it can wipe the screen left to right to move from one photo to another.

The way to make photo pinned as advertisements look as storytelling. When the user to the end of a photographic slide, will pop up the "Learn More".

ThereĀ button inserted on the URL to open the internal browser Instagram headed to the advertiser's page.

"It's a great canvas to pour creativity. Launch will focus on brand owners," said Global Head of Business and Brand Development Instagram James Quarles.

Instagram has touched advertising since 2013 ago. The difference, for a period of two years, the ad seeks only to build brand awareness or influence.

Carousel ads that begin applying now, with buttons containing URLs clickable, have a wider function. KQ can be directed to ads targeting the sale.


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