Instagram Launches 3 Special Features for Businessman

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instagram businnessInstagram launched three new features specific to the business. All three support the interface is more qualified, in-depth analysis, and promotion opportunities to a wider customer.

Three of these features are designed based on feedback from users, as indicated on the official blog of Instagram and collected KompasTekno, Thursday (02/06/2016)

"Many companies are using Instagram. After we spoke, we know what they really need," said a spokesman for Instagram. The following three features in question.

First, the business profile

It's free for anyone who wants to be known Instagramnya account as a business account. By doing so, businesses can select how customers can interact with him.

The choices can be by telephone, text message, or e-mail. Customers simply press a button to interact directly with the business.

Second, in-depth analysis

Depth analysis provide useful information for business people about who their followers and what content is expected followers.

By doing so, businesses can know what kind of behavior and audience demographics. In the end, businesses can create relevant content at the right time.

Third, the promotion

This feature allows users to promote their content to more customers. Businessman simply choose the posts that have been uploaded and select the targeted audience in order to view the content.

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These three new tools for these businesses will first be launched in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Global users will soon enjoy in the next few months.


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