List of Places in Indramayu, West Java

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indramayu manggoList of Places in Indramayu, West Java - One of the city in West Java and the surrounding area which is not less interesting to visit as well as in making tourist destinations in West Java, Java, Indonesia. Popular Indramayu city has so many local arts and has a beautiful natural tourism potential and some have been managed by the local government. Indramayu is adjacent to the Java Sea on the north side, in the southeast of Cirebon, Majalengka and Sumedang district on the south, and Subang regency in the west.

Icon Indramayu District
One of the tour in Indramayu Object of interest ie Komodo island that has the charm of pure white sand dotted the park, ornamental fish, beautiful coral reefs, sea grass, mangrove trees, and a lighthouse founded ZM. Willem on th. 1872. Surely not just that alone, and there are many tourist destinations in Indramayu information that you need to know. Below is a tourist Indramayu you can visit to use vacation days or family or recreational concurrent closest person:

List of Places in Indramayu
Turkish Tirtamaya - Highway Indramayu - Cirebon, Area 16 Km from the town of Indramayu, news of a wonderful panorama at

sunrise and sunset as well.
Turkish Eretan - Area 39 Km from the town of Indramayu, resting place for walkers who go on or return to Jakarta, and lined with mangrove jungle dwelling eat.

Situ Bojongsari - Village Bojongsari, Area 2 km from the city center Indramayu, used for the activity of fishing, camping and water recreation.

Situ Bolang - Jatisura Village, District Cikedung, Area 20 Km from the town of Indramayu where visitors can do the activities of fishing, camping and water recreation.

Kera colony Banjar - Bulak village, District Jatibarang, Area 17 km from the town of Indramayu, shaped monkey colony's reported never switch, the number 41 tail macaques.

Tomb Buyut Tambi - Desa Tambi, District Sliyeg, Indramayu, in Jatibarang-lane road Indramayu.
Tomb of Prince Selawe - Dermayu Village, District Sindang. The tomb complex is on a plot of 320 m2, with walls of 20 x 16 m with a height of 1, 5 m.

Tomb of Raden Arya Wiralodra - Blok Karang, Desa Sindang. He is the son of Crow Hero Member Singalodra of Banyuurip, Bagelen, Central Java, which is open jungles in the west of the river Cimanuk, the embryo will Indramayu.
Bondan Old Mosque - Bonda village, Kertasemaya, stand 1414 H is the result of deliberation Datuk Sheikh Khafi with people Bondan.

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Pesantren Al Zaytun - Mekar Jaya subdistrict Gantar Indrarmayu District.
Website Lombang - Lombang Village, District Juntinyuat, Area 20 km northeast of the town of Indramayu. This place can be reached by road Indramayu - Cirebon passing across the north coast.

Tugu Kujang - The entrance to the Indramayu of Cirebon, symbolizes the history Kijang Emas is guiding the direction to the hamlet in Muara Kali Cimanuk, the embryo will Indramayu.

Vihara Dharma Rahayu - Jl Veteran who first named An Tjeng Bio temple, built in th. Soen Poey in 1848 by Kam as a place of worship for Toa Pekong Lak Kwa Yes.


Building Resident Assistant - Rural Penganjian, District Sindang

Ancient Pedati - Kampung Kalianyar, District Krangkeng

Fire stations Indramayu - Kampung Paoman, District Paoman
Square - Downtown Indramayu
Tugu Kijang Kijang or roundabout - crossroads entrance of the city of Indramayu, Cirebon
Tugu Mango - Indramayu District
Great Mosque - Downtown Indramayu, near Government Center / Hall Indramayu.
Balongan oil refinery - Approximately 6 km from the town of Indramayu
Reservoir Cipancuh - Cipancuh District of Haurgelis.
Situ Brahim - Village babadan sindang Subdistrict.
Cultural Tourism, History, Arts and Crafts
Batik Indramayu - Indramayu District
Ngarot ceremony - Village Lelea
Wayang Kulit Indramayu - Indramayu District
Theatrical Indramayu - Indramayu District
Rudat Acrobat - Indramayu District
Dinaan mask Indramayu - Indramayu District
Tarling - Indramayu District
Sintren - Indramayu District
Theatre Masres - Indramayu District

Certainly would be so tiring when should visit all the attractions in Indramayu there. As an alternative, you can choose yourself where you want to mean when traveled to Indramayu, West Java. Info gathered from many sources such as wikipedia. org and so with the help of google. com to give info tourist attraction on the reader just as relevant as possible. Similarly, hopefully useful, happy holidays


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