Marimas Bikin Adem, Not Making the Latest Cough

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Marimas Bikin Adem, Not Making the Latest Cough - marimas is an indigenous Indonesian brand that famous through the fruit powder drink. Marimas has been in Indonesia since 1995. pt marimas purta kenca work on creative discovery by introducing the relatively cheap instant drinks. Some of the major consumer marimas come from small-children.

Marimas has a favorite flavor of the fruit, especially fresh orange flavor. Of the many flavor options, fresh citrus has the most purchasing protestase. Except for children, marimas also make the shade when the weather gets hotter. I remember betu when I used to like to buy marimas in a neighboring shop. Citrus taste remains an alternative among other fruit flavors. Why likes it? The answer is because at that time still a little instant drink fresh and have a frugal price.

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Marimas Make Adem, Not Make the Latest Cough

Marimas make shade, do not make cough has succeeded in hypnotize consumer among medium down with doctrik of instant drink of fruit flavor. Until when people are asked what fruit drinks fruit is best remembered? The answer to that response is marimas. It seems like the availability factor in the easy-to-find stores becomes a good memory for them.

While for product quality, marimas has certified iso 22000 which is management and quality control product. But it also has a permit from the body pom as one of the beverages that are safe for health. Not satisfied with it, marimas also has labeled halal product from mui indonesia. So there is no reason for anyone to say if marimas makes cough and others.

During the avontur career powder drink, marimas make shade already has a 21 taste variant with various types of fruit options. Such as fresh orange flavor, tamarind sugar, soursop, strawberry, mango, seeds, grape, sweet citrus, coconut ice, cocopandan, citrus squeeze, pontianak orange, faramboze, lime, mango arumanis, cincau, mango bangkok. Color variants make consumers have many options for their respective preferences.

For the method of presentation, marimas quite easy to run. By preparing marimas, water and ice can be mixed to be realized fresh ice marimas. The sweetness that is in the powder has been added original sugar so it remains safe for the body.

Marimas Make Adem, Not Make Latest Latest Latest Cough


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