New Nissan X-Trail Hybrid 2016

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nissan x-trailNissan X-Trail Hybrid, offers a different type of power MR20DD 4-cylinder 2.0 liter and added an electric motor as the different features. Accompanied Xtronic transmission and power generated by 147 hp at 6,000 rpm rotation. When combined with the electric motor, the power can be generated larger until reaching 188 hp.

However, when compared to the regular engine, emission levels in the Nissan X-Trail Hybrid is fairly low at around 75%. In fuel use any, may be regarded Nissan X-Trail Hybrid remains economical, the survey at that time travel is 100 km only spent 4.8 liters.

As was said earlier, that happens fairly significant difference. The standard features of its predecessor yet still there is maintained, by embedding a regenerative braking system, the forward emergency breaking system, tires with low-rolling resistance design as well as an increase in the aerodynamic function. (More: ada)

With regards to the price offered, would be different from the current one. When compared with the previous version, there must be an added features or become a flagship feature. As with the Nissan X-Trail mobil suv tangguh dan sporty terbaik, the price set at Rp 400 million. And for cars Nissan X-Trail SUV Hybrid engine, will be more expensive than the regular price range of Rp 625 million, the difference was fairly large as well which is around USD 200 Million.

Although the price is pegged as high as any, if there are those who love it may not be a problem, because in accordance with user preferences. Therefore, for those of you lovers of SUVs, especially SUVs of Nissan products, moreover, you have to adjust your taste, but for those of you who feel quite let alone with the contents of your bag, it will not be wrong to try.

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