Pertamina Energy for sustainable forms of resistance Environment

pertaminaPT Pertamina (Persero) held Pertamina Energy Community (PEF) on 13-14 December 2016, at the Ritz Carlton Pacific Place. This event is the side of the circuit celebration of the 59th anniversary of Pertamina.

Pertamina Energy Community th. The topic "Energy Security for Sustainable Economic Development and Environment", will run throughout the two days. Arena followed by 400 people from government groups, academics, professionals, investors and business partners Pertamina is going to be an exhibition arena, the business community as well as conferences. Pertamina Energy Community will be opened by Minister of State Enterprises Rini M Soemarno and Deputy Director of the Most Pertamina`s Ahmad Bambang.

"PEF is entered th. Third, and this community is among the facility argues Pertamina corporate input on all makeup people and stakeholder needs. So all the arena discussions to identify ways to achieve power endurance in prolonged economic development, "said Vice President of PT Pertamina (Persero) Wianda Pusponegoro, in Jakarta on Monday (12/12).

Wianda convey, throughout the two days will discuss a variety of actual information about the changing world of power. On the first day, will run three sessions of discussion. In the first session, the discussion will be the topic: Energy Environment, Policy and Governance: The Current Dynamics. In the 2nd session, discussion will be the topic: Innovative Technologies: Driving the Future of Oil and Gas as well as in session three, raised the topic: Energy Outlook 2017: Facing Energy Strategy in Challenge, from Upstream Perspective.

Day 2, semasing discussion will be divided into three sessions. Raised the topic of the first session: Delivering Value in Downstream Business Challenge. In the 2nd session raised the topic of discussion: Optimization and Development of Gas and New Renewable Energy. As well as the most recent session to lift topics: Current Trends: Investment & Financing in the Energy Industry ".

This moment can be enriched in the opinion of some experts of international power, one Heymi Bahar from the International Energy Agency, Fereidun Fesharaki of FACTS Global Energy, Andrew Harwood of Wood Mackenzie and Pauziyah A. Hamid from Petronas.

Furthermore Wianda, delivering PEF could be the source of power changes the latest information, which can make a referral variety of related parties. This annual Arena begins the first time in years. 2014, with the topic: Pertamina Energy Outlook, as well as start since th. 2015 changed its name so Pertamina Energy Community.

Coinciding with the implementation of this community, also worked on exhibitions that present moment and the ability progress of strategic projects in 2016 Pertamina also in th. which will come source:


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