Product Marketing Strategy on Instagram

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Instagram was originally created as a social media to upload a picture or photograph of smartphone users. Just like any other social media, as well as the function was shifted many businesses that use it for marketing purposes. Not infrequently we find an online shop which used it as a means of promotion. For Instagram users are numerous and active (it may be more active than Facebook). Well, for those of you who want to start utilizing Instagram for your business, here we provide Product marketing strategy in Instagram.

promote Product in Instagram

Upload photos best products
When we use Instagram on your mobile phone to take a photo of a product. Of course the results will not be as good as when we take a picture of the product by using a good camera. So we need to be selective in choosing the best picture before we upload it to Instagram.

Do not be too much effect
The photos we upload course many shortcomings, so surely we will use the facility to edit images on Instagram. But it would be nice when they wanted to edit photos, we also consider the condition of the goods that we will sell. In order transactions goal of Instagram does not disappoint the customer, because they get the goods do not conform with the picture.

Follow as many
Many people are reluctant to memfollow first. But when we talk about business in general, do not ever hesitate. You can take the initiative to follow potential customers in advance. So they can find out who we are of the photos belong to us when we memfollow them.

Use the account name that is easy to remember
When you choose an account name to do business through social media such as Instagram, then you need to pay attention to the selection of your account name. Because after all, a memorable name and is the name that will attract prospective buyers look for when they are interested in our products.

Show how to manufacture
If the goods we sell in the form of food or drink. We can also upload images manufacturing process. Or video (Instagram has supported video uploads). Do not need all of them, but only the core processes only. So that the buyer is not curious about the origin - the origin of the goods we want to sell. We can also show a picture of the planning process through to delivery.

Indicate the usefulness of the product
What buyers want is what they need. So that the products they want to buy are the products they need. So it is very necessary we show a picture of the usefulness of the product. This is of course very useful for buyers who do not know what products we sell. Such as make-up, of course, the consumer requires a proof or demonstration of how the product is used.

Indicate your offline store photo
If you have an online store that also stores offline, you also need to demonstrate to customers how your store. No need to picture the whole section of your store. Just as apparent shop front, and if there is, the name of the road that will show you the consumer to shop offline. So if consumers want to visit directly, they are easy to recognize pictures of your store. It is suitable for businesses such as culinary business.

Share photos Behind the scenes
Advertising is an important thing for the business. When we made the ad even though not large. But I think we need to show also how the ad was created. Give your customers the impression followers or as if they have access to the backstage of creating your ad.

Indicate event photos
When we choose to open a business, of course, we will find out what events are or want to be held relating to the business. And we also need to share a little bit to the customers about the event that we are following. It is intended to be able to introduce any of our activities other than selling.

Give a little entertainment
We need to know, if the purpose of instagram established is for everyone to share photos or videos. In order not to be too monotonous. We can also provide a bit of entertainment, such as providing a funny photo, or video funny. But does not reduce the capacity of product photos that we want to sell. And for the followers also would not refuse if we upload a photo - funny photos.


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