Tips on How to see Instagram Unfollow Who we are

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Hello loyal readers gramination, this time I want to share tips on how to see who instagram unfollow us. In contrast to twitter that has the look "Following you" when opening the twitter profile, twitter can be easily able to know someone follow back or not. However, instagram not have these features, so we do not know whether friends or other people still follow us or not.

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The way to look very easy, does not require a special application to be installed on your computer, making your computer more and more severe. Simply open one website alone. Come on, we just started the core of this post.

  1. Go to the website:
  2. Then you will go to the website unfollowgram, it looks like below. Sign in using your instagram account by clicking the button SIGN IN WITH Instagram
  3. Login, enter your username and password in the fields instagram already provided. If so, click Log in
  4. Next you will be asked to allow access instagram unfollowgram you, do not worry, because this is just a regular permit application. To find your instagram development. Who would follow, who unfollow. Click Authorize.
  5. Then you are asked to enter your email, this might be to notify you when there are updates from unfollowgram. Enter your email in the existing columns. Then click CONTINUE.
  6. Next, you will directly enter the page unfollow grams. But you still can not check who unfollow on instagram, because unfollowgram takes for approximately 24 hours to know your instagram activity. 

    Who unfollow me: To see who instagram unfollow you.

    Who does not follow me back: To see who do not follow you back (not followback).

    Who i doesnt follow back: For anyone who does not know you folllowback.

    Followers: Number of followers, who follow you.

    Following: The number of people you follow.

Okay, done! It's easy not, now you can easily monitor the progress instagram. Can be used every day for free. So this post, may be useful, and can help you that during this confusion unfollow checking who is and who is not follback your instagram.


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